Soap, a new annual magazine, is meant to be a place of inspiration, in order to bring together photographers, designers and fashion designers. It invites readers to dive into their world. But also and above all, to bring out and help new talents to grow up with great designers.

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Logo Soap _noir RVB.png

Collaborators : Julien Claude (website), 

Estelle Louise (photo cover vol 2)

Matthieu George (photo cover vol 1)

Photo credits : Laura Lyson

The editorial direction and concept design strike out against the current trends of traditional magazine. Without advertising, Soap is an object of quality. The revue highlights the work of designers. Its logo aims to show/represent a springboard. Only typography is used in the layout to bring contents to life, without outshining the photos. Even the choice of a high-quality offset paper which is pleasant to the touch, reflects this idea.

volume 1

volume 2